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Kids Immunization Database/Tracking System (KIDS)

Kids Immunization Database/Tracking System (KIDS) is the city of Philadelphia’s immunization information system (IIS), now officially known as KIDS Plus IIS. This system is maintained by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and currently has information on approximately 900,000 individuals and more than nine million immunizations. The department is continuing its efforts to increase the number of immunizations recorded and providers utilizing the system. This Webbased program was implemented in 2006 for childhood immunizations and was upgraded in 2009 to include adults as well. More information about KIDS Plus IIS can be found on the website: kids.phila.gov.

The success of KIDS Plus IIS has been accomplished by working closely with the medical providers in Philadelphia. The registry is populated using birth data from the state and immunization data submitted by health care providers.

Participation in KIDS Plus IIS is assisted by a city health regulation that requires all providers with practices in Philadelphia County to report immunizations given to all persons receiving a vaccination.

KIDS Plus IIS is secure and HIPAA compliant. The registry is protected through SSL encryption to ensure the data is safe and secure. Only authorized users are given access to the system, and all users must sign a confidentiality and security statement before they may use or access registry data.

The benefits of KIDS Plus IIS

KIDS Plus IIS is a valuable public health tool and is one of the reasons why Philadelphias immunization coverage rates are among the highest in the nation. Benefits of this tool include:

  • Providers can use KIDS Plus IIS to easily find out which immunizations an individual has already received. This can be especially valuable when an individual has been to more than one provider.
  • Providers can use KIDS Plus IIS to determine which immunizations an individual needs on the day of a visit as well as the vaccines they are recommended to receive in the future.
  • Individuals who are not up–to–date on their immunizations can be identified and targeted for outreach. The Philadelphia Department of Public Healths Immunization Program contracts with a community-based organization to find under–immunized individuals and bring them to care.

AmeriHealth encourages all of our network providers to take advantage of this valuable program and to take all the necessary steps to keep the people of Philadelphia immunized and healthy.

For More Information

  • For additional general information about this system, please visit the KIDS Plus IIS page at kids.phila.gov/index.php/programs/kids.
  • For immunization information for an individual living in Philadelphia, call the KIDS Plus IIS Help Line at 2156856784.