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man managing his health plan on the myAHATPA app
Health plan administration

Successfully managing your health plan, controlling costs, and supporting your employees' health is critical to your business — and is our expertise.

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Business processing outsourcing

As a payor, you want to expand and grow your capabilities. Our enhanced technologies, expertise, and all-in approach to partnership will help get you there.

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Dedicated account management

From long-term strategies to day-to-day operations, you’ll have a team with a deep understanding of your goals and how to reach them.

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Customized solutions

One-size-fits-all answers won’t always meet your needs. Our insightful, customized solutions will.

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Our clients

While our clients may be diverse in size, market, and purpose, our commitment to each is the same. Big or small, TPA or BPO, we want those we serve to benefit from our expertise and innovation.

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A young pregnant woman sits on the couch with her husband and daughter.

Supporting women’s health and family planning

AmeriHealth Administrators offers valuable programs and resources that support a healthy family planning journey.

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