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Supplier Diversity

A strong supplier base is essential to the success of our company. All of our contracts for goods and services are based upon the best combination of total cost, quality, and service. This provides a level playing field to all potential and existing suppliers.

For many years, AmeriHealth has partnered with minority-, locally, and women-owned businesses to meet the needs of our members. By cultivating strategic procurement relationships with minority- and women-owned, controlled, and operated businesses that supply products and services AmeriHealth purchases, we can foster the growth of these businesses while promoting the long-term growth of AmeriHealth.

Through our Supplier Diversity Program, we provide business opportunities to businesses that are at least 51 percent owned by a minority group member or a woman. It is our goal to continue these alliances and ensure an equal opportunity for all companies who want to do business with us.

More About our Supplier Diversity Program: