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Select Drug Program®

The Select Drug Program® is formulary based and includes all generic drugs and a defined list of brand drugs that have been chosen for their reported medical effectiveness, positive results and value.

The Select Drug Program Formulary is designed to include all therapeutic categories and provide physicians with prescribing options. In addition, the formulary is reviewed periodically to add new drugs and to remove brand drugs when a generic equivalent becomes available.

About the Select Drug Program

Effective Use of the Formulary

When you prescribe a formulary medication, AmeriHealth members are able to receive the drug for a lower copayment. If you prescribe a drug not on the formulary, the member's out-of-pocket cost will be greater.

The use of the formulary does not prohibit you from prescribing a covered medication. You are able to prescribe any covered medication, regardless of whether the drug is on the formulary or not.

Before prescribing a medication to an AmeriHealth member, you should work with that member to determine if the drug is included on the formulary. If a member is currently taking a drug that does not appear on the formulary, you may be able to change the prescription to a similar drug that is on the formulary.

Download the Select Drug Program Formulary Guide (PA/DE)