Health and Wellness

Learn about ways to look after one of your most important assets: your health. With AmeriHealth’s full range of innovative programs and services, you’ll have tools and support to help you take an active role in maintaining your everyday health and determining the type and quality of the health care you receive.


Immunizations are the best way to protect against infectious disease. Keep track of your and your family’s immunizations and reduce your risk for getting sick.

Achieve Well-being

Achieve well-being is a personalized set of tools that keep you motivated while you achieve your unique wellness goals.1

Nutrition Counseling

Visit a participating registered dietitian or network doctor up to 6 times a year at no cost to you.1

Registered Nurse Health Coaches

Learn to actively manage your health, prepare for doctor’s visits, and reduce your health risks with the help of a registered nurse.

Behavioral, Physical, and Emotional Health

Learn how to identify and manage factors that affect your behavioral, physical, and emotional health.

GlobalFit® discounts

The GlobalFit Gym Network provides membership discounts to 8,000 gyms, fitness centers, and studios nationwide. You’ll also enjoy discounts on a variety of fitness equipment as well as a membership with Jenny Craig®. Plus, you and your family will get access to a library of fitness and nutrition resources, including a monthly e-magazine, training spotlight videos, and ZUMBA® DVDs. To take advantage of the GlobalFit discounts, log on to the AmeriHealth member site at

1 Not all members have this offering as part of their benefits plans. Please contact Customer Service or your benefits administrator to determine if this benefit applies to your coverage.

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Wellness Guidelines

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