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Behavioral health resources

As an AmeriHealth member, you can access the following resources.

Telebehavioral health

It’s never been easier to manage your physical and emotional well-being. Behavioral health services are covered under your health plan’s tele-behavioral health benefit. You can have virtual visits by phone or video chat from the comfort of your home, or anywhere that's convenient for you. Visits will be held with a licensed health care professional (including psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors). Virtual visits are convenient, flexible, and completely confidential. You’ll pay the same amount as you would for an in-office behavioral health visit.

To get started, simply locate a telebehavioral health provider by calling the number on the back of your ID card under Mental Health/Substance Abuse. You can also check with your current provider to see if he or she offers virtual visit options.

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We know it’s hard to find the right mental health care. That’s why we’ve partnered with Quartet, a way for you to connect to the care that’s right for you. Everyday stress, anxiety, trouble sleeping or feeling hopeless and sad for a long time can be better managed through professional mental health care. Whether it’s therapy, psychiatry, or another care option, Quartet can match you to mental health care that fits your needs, preferences, and is covered by your plan.

Check your benefits to make sure Quartet is covered under your health plan.

On To Better Health

Sometimes home, work, and social pressures negatively impact our physical and emotional well-being. On To Better Health can help you better manage life’s daily pressures and balance your physical and emotional well-being through online self-help tools and resources.

This online resource includes complete guided-therapy programs designed to change unhelpful thoughts and behaviors; health and wellness articles; and other tools that are easy to use, confidential, and available 24/7 on your computer or phone.¹

Shatterproof’s Treatment Atlas®

Use Shatterproof’s Treatment Atlas tool to find an addiction treatment facility for you or a loved one.²

1 You may not have access to all of the features. The information on this website is not to be construed as medical advice or recommendations or as a substitute for professional medical advice and is not a substitute for consultation with a qualified physician.

2 Shatterproof, a national non-profit dedicated to reversing the addiction crisis in the U.S., is leading the implementation of Shatterproof's Treatment Atlas tool, a quality measurement system for addiction treatment facilities. Shatterproof is an independent company that provides behavioral health services for AmeriHealth.