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Find a Provider

With AmeriHealth, you have access to an extensive network of doctors and hospitals. While we want you to have the widest range of choices, we also want to make sure you have access to quality care. To achieve this, we collect information through private data sources and carefully review all physicians, hospitals, and health care providers before they become participating providers.

Find Participating Doctors, Hospitals, and Ancillary Providers
The online provider directory provides information available through our network system on the physicians, hospitals, and ancillary providers who participate in our managed care products, including AmeriHealth® HMO/POS, AmeriHealth® PPO, and AmeriHealth 65®, our Medicare Advantage plan.

Find a Vision Provider
If you are a member of the AmeriHealth Vision program, we offer a convenient way to search for a Davis Vision provider online.

Find Network Dentists
Members with dental benefits provided by AmeriHealth can conveniently search online for network dentists.

Network Selection Criteria
Criteria for selection of doctors and hospitals in the AmeriHealth Pennsylvania plans.

Provider Quality Ratings
Our enhanced online provider quality ratings help you make informed decisions about your provider options.

Retail Health Clinics
In a hurry? HMO and PPO members will be able to visit any Take Care or MinuteClinic retail health facility for basic medical needs as an alternative to a traditional doctor’s office appointment.

Patient-Centered Medical Home Providers
View a listing of the providers in the AmeriHealth network that are recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home.

Credentialing Noncompliance
If you believe that you or anyone you know may have received health care services from a practitioner who may not be fully credentialed, but is participating in the AmeriHealth network, please contact us. All reports are confidential. You are not required to provide your name, address, or other identifying information.