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LifeSecure accident insurance

If you experience an accident or injury, you should focus on your health — not your finances. LifeSecure’s1 Accident insurance can help protect your hard-earned income after an accident by providing cash benefits to help you offset unexpected medical bills and other injury-related expenses.

With a LifeSecure accident insurance plan:

  • There are no confusing options — you get one straightforward insurance plan.
  • You decide how to spend your benefits, whether it’s for out-of-pocket medical and recovery expenses, childcare, housekeeping help, transportation to appointments, or anything else you may need.
  • Cash benefits are paid directly to you.
  • Benefits are based on the care needed to treat your injury, up to your Annual Benefit Bank amount.
  • You have coverage for a wide range of services related to your injury, from ambulance and emergency room visits, tests, X-rays, and other medical diagnostic exams to follow-ups with your doctor or chiropractor and physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

Accident insurance plans are available for you and your family members ages 18 through 74.

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1 LifeSecure Insurance Company underwrites and has sole financial responsibility for the Personal Accident Insurance product.