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The Employer Portal

Discover the benefits of managing your group’s health care online

As a group administrator or business owner offering AmeriHealth insurance plans, you can safely and conveniently manage your group’s account through our secure, online portal at

Account management

  • Add a new plan member.
  • View coverage history.
  • Submit and approve changes.
  • Perform a plan member search.
  • Request employee and/or dependent’s ID card.


  • View current and prior invoices.
  • View billing and payment history.
  • Receive and pay invoices online.
  • Reconcile your bill online so you only pay what you owe.

Sign into your account

Enter your username and password to access your account:

Group technical support

If you have any questions regarding the employer member site, please contact Client/Broker Services at 1-877-219-5453.