Worksite Wellness

Promotional Materials

Effectively communicating future events and initiatives is a key component to maximizing employee participation in your company’s health improvement program. When you introduce an event or initiative, a letter briefly explaining the program signed by the president or CEO is a great endorsement.

Utilizing posters, newsletter articles, and flyers is a good means of promoting the program. Other promotional methods to consider are email announcements and intranet postings.

You may also use the following promotional communications to help spread the word about select wellness initiatives that are available to your organization.

Getting Started

Build support for and awareness of your health improvement program by engaging employees during the development phase. Consider using some or all of the following communications as you get started:

Healthy LifestylesSM Programs

These communications encourage your employees to adopt healthy behaviors by offering incentives and discounts from Independence Blue Cross:

ConnectionsSM Health Management Program

Inform your employees of the information and personalized support the Connections Health Management Program offers for managing chronic illnesses or understanding treatment options for health conditions or problems:

General Health Information

Contact Information

Please call 610-225-9265 for additional details about the requirements for your worksite to participate in any of the programs described above. You may also send an email request for more information.

Important information about links to other sites

The AmeriHealth Healthy LifestylesSM Promotion Guide

The AmeriHealth Healthy Lifestyles Promotion Guide contains kick-off materials, monthly campaigns, promotional pieces, and more to help you create a wellness campaign.

Go to the AmeriHealth Healthy Lifestyles Promotion Guide.