Worksite Wellness

AmeriHealth Healthy LifestylesSM Promotion Guide

The AmeriHealth Healthy Lifestyles Promotion Guide is a comprehensive, Web-based resource that helps employers create effective health education campaigns for their workplace.

The workplace campaigns highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle, while reminding employees of all of the AmeriHealth Healthy Lifestyles benefits available to them as members of AmeriHealth.

The AmeriHealth Healthy Lifestyles Promotion Guide gives you suggestions for monthly campaigns (New Year, New You, Summer Fun and Safety, etc.) to help you get started bringing health information to your workplace. The AmeriHealth Healthy Lifetyles Promotion Guide also gives you the flexibility to choose campaigns by topic (Health Coach, Disease Management, Fitness, etc.) and search for materials based on media type (posters, paycheck stuffers, brochures, etc.).

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