Worksite Wellness

Worksite Wellness

How to Implement a Program

A comprehensive worksite wellness program raises health awareness among employees.

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Implementation Tools

We have a variety of tools available that will assist you with implementing a program.

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Employer Toolkits

Each program contains all the tools and resources needed to implement a health education program.

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Making the most of your company’s health care spending

Every year, employers must strike a fine balance between employee health benefits and the bottom line.

Employee benefits can be a crucial measure of an employer’s commitment to it’s workforce. However, the ever-increasing cost of providing health benefits — costs have risen more than 10 percent each year for several years — can make this commitment an expensive proposition.

The solution? Worksite Wellness from AmeriHealth.

What is Worksite Wellness?

Studies show that more than 50 percent of health care costs are the result of individual behavior. AmeriHealth’s Worksite Wellness is a worksite-based targeted outreach program that focuses on reducing health care costs by encouraging your employees to adopt healthier behaviors. We will work with you to integrate the individualized support we provide to employees with site-specific workplace solutions for improving health.

How you benefit from Worksite Wellness

Healthier behaviors translate into fewer health issues within the workforce, which in turn lowers health care costs. In fact, more than 120 research studies about worksite wellness programs show improvements in employee health coupled with high returns on investments (ROI).

Major study findings include the following statistics:

  • savings of $3.48 in reduced health care costs per dollar invested;
  • savings of $5.82 in lower absenteeism costs per dollar invested;
  • ROIs of at least $3 to $8 per dollar invested within five years of program implementation;
  • lifestyle behavior change programs — $3 to $6 ROI within 2 to 5 years;
  • self care, decision support programs — $2 to $3 ROI within 1 year;
  • disease management programs — $7 to $10 ROI within 1 year.

The impact of a health improvement program also goes beyond decreased health care costs and ROI. A health improvement program can affect productivity, absenteeism, morale, recruitment success, turnover, and medical care costs.