Worksite Wellness

Step 3: Establish a Wellness Committee

Steps to getting started

Formimg a wellness committee is a critical first step in organizing your company’s wellness program. The purpose of the wellness committee is to plan, promote, and implement the program. The committee establishes continuity, motivation, and broad ownership of the program as well as provides an excellent vehicle for communication.

When deciding who should be on the wellness committee, think about what groups of individuals will be helpful to the program and what groups of individuals the program will affect. Consider appointing the following people/departments to your committee*:

  • Top management within your company
  • Union representatives
  • Human resources department
  • Employee assistance program
  • Information technology
  • Communications
  • Health and safety department
  • Employees interested in health and wellness

Building a successful worksite wellness program requires staff time as well as money. Some larger organizations may spend 20 hours per week for three to six months preparing all the steps prior to launching a worksite wellness program.

A wellness committee can be anywhere from four to 10 people meeting monthly. A mission statement for the committee should be developed by the second meeting. This way, everyone knows what the committee is working toward.

Download sample minutes from a local worksite.

Once you establish a wellness program, the committee’s size and meeting schedule may change. Still, no fewer than four members should meet at least quarterly so the group - and the wellness program - does not fade away.

* Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Public Health. (2007): Internet

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