Worksite Wellness

Walking Towards Wellness Program

The “Walking Towards Wellness” employer toolkit is designed to help educate your employees about walking as a form of exercise to have a healthy lifestyle. Walking will help your employees to control weight, lower cholesterol, strengthen the heart, reduce stress, decrease the likelihood of serious health problems, and promote an overall sense of well-being.

A walking program can be done at any time of the year, especially the fall and spring. The warmer weather allows employees to go outside for a walk in the morning, during lunch, or after work. Also, worksites or malls allow employees to walk during excessive cold or heat.

Getting Started

Select a Program Coordinator

As a Program Coordinator, you are taking on a gratifying role of supporting and promoting wellness initiatives at the worksite. The Program Coordinator should be someone who can devote the time required to implement and promote this program to ensure a successful outcome.

Promote the Program

Promotional information is included to help you spread the word about the new program that will be available at your organization.

Tools to prepare and motivate your employees

Kick off the Program

This information will give your employees an opportunity to learn the details of the program.

Participant Folder

After registration is completed, as part of the orientation, each participant should receive a participant folder.

The folder should include the following documents:

Weekly Handouts and Materials

Sending a weekly email or providing a weekly handout is a great way to continue educating your participants about the benefits of walking and to motivate them to continue this new active lifestyle.

Track and Reward Your Participants!

Rewarding your participants is a great way to encouraged healthy behaviors. Providing evaluation materials is also an excellent measure of the program’s successes and challenges.


If you have questions about providing this program, or you would like to send us your comments, please send us an email.

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Printing the Materials

All the documents needed for this program are provided in PDF format. To view and print the documents, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.

Download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.