Header PhotoWelcome Pennsylvania Public School Retirees!


We not only want to help you get well if you are sick; we want to help you stay healthy. As a member of an AmeriHealth Medical Plan you can take advantage of a number of wellness services at no additional cost to you.

AmeriHealth Healthy LifestylesSM Programs
Our AmeriHealth Healthy Lifestyles programs are designed to educate and encourage healthy behavior through active participation. Our most popular programs offer reimbursement for completing fitness, weight management and smoking cessation programs.

ConnectionsSM Health Management Program
Connections provides information and support to encourage members to take an active role in their care. This program supports members who have everyday health concerns, in addition to those with more serious chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma or heart conditions.

Health Information
Our goal is to provide members with the information they need to become educated consumers of health and medical services. So we provide information from nationally recognized health sources on general health and safety, family health and seasonal topics.