Partnering with AmeriHealth Administrators

Working together for your future

The world of health care is constantly changing with new regulations, trends in self-funding, and other emerging markets. Partnering with AmeriHealth Administrators can give you the support you need to manage and growth your capabilities.

Whether you're a smaller TPA, an HMO, a Health Plan, a Hospital system looking to become an insurer, or even an insurance carrier needing a back room solution, we bring a lot to the table. Experience. Innovation. Customization. Insight and Strategy. Let's talk about strategies to help you expand markets and grow your business.

Why AmeriHealth Administrators?

An expanding self-funded market means a growing need for customization. If you're on a legacy system, getting there will require a hefty amount of capital. Luckily, we've already made the investment, and we're happy to share. Our new platform is nimble, highly-configurable, and offers robust data insights. And it comes with a dedicated team of health industry experts.

Choose the package or services you need to give your customers greater flexibility, more tools, and enhanced customization at an affordable price.

It takes a team

Combining our innovation and platform with our team's expertise and experience can transform your business's trajectory. From plan designers and network managers to analytics advisors and clinical services to your dedicated account management team, you'll have complete knowledge, support, and access.

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Clinical programs

When your member or their family has a serious medical issue, turn to our team of experts.

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Customized solutions

Choose the service, solution, or package that suits your specific needs most.

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Business process outsourcing

Leverage our expertise and platform to enhance your capabilities and expand or grow.

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