Unique populations

Our customized approach to uncommon needs

Your business, industry, or organization has unique health plan administration needs. Whether it's tiered benefits, network packages, specific reporting protocols, preferred vendors, or regulatory compliance, you can count on our expertise and solutions.

We believe the best solutions come from a consultative approach and customized solutions that address your members, budget, and unique parameters. If you have a new idea, we'd be happy to collaborate on a solution to meet your needs. Below are some examples of unique solutions we provide for unique populations.

National and regional payors

Staying competitive in a fast-changing world

If you are already a Payor, you are likely an expert in fully-insured health plans in your regional market. As the industry is turning towards self-insurance, are you prepared?

If the answer is no, AmeriHealth Administrators has you covered. We're proven experts in self-funded health plans. Our platform was designed to connect and create an ecosystem that works for you. So it's ready and able to work with your existing system, regulations, and processes where it makes sense.

Labor organizations

Here to support unique labor organizations

When you manage Taft Hartley or other fund benefits for a labor organization, you know what the health plan offerings mean to your members. You want to give them a high-quality experience tailored to your needs. We're here to help.

AmeriHealth Administrators offers broad, national network access; union benefit and operations expertise; and technology solutions.

Health systems

Providing self-funded health care benefits to health care providers

As a Provider, you want to offer your employees a health plan that reduces costs and delivers quality services and outcomes. But you have some unique plan design considerations as your members are also employees in your organization.

Our advice? Turn to an expert and maximize your benefit costs, drive economic value to your organization, and drive employee satisfaction. Our expertise lies in our experience in implementing everything from tiered benefits and tiered network design to specialized, actionable reporting.

To each provider client, we bring a deep knowledge of the health care delivery system, provider reimbursement, and the health insurance market. Thanks to our strong background in multi-tier plan design, we know how to engage your members and direct them to your organization's providers.

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Self-funded employers

Take care of the health of your members and business.

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Tribal nation populations

Unique rules and protocols require a unique level of understanding.

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All the advantages of innovative platforms and established expertise.

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