Dedicated account management

Expert. Responsive. Accessible.

The health care industry is competitive and complex. To thrive and grow, you need someone who understands your goals and concerns and offers experienced leadership, strategic know-how, and industry experience. Accessibility is a must, as well.

It's going to take a team. One that's forward thinking and dedicated to your business and its future, highly collaborative, and outcomes driven. It's going to take AmeriHealth Administrators.

Dedicated account management for clients

To make sure your health plan is operating as it should, your dedicated account team provides you:

  • Relationship management, strategic planning, self-funding, and industry expertise
  • Financial reporting, analysis, and complex projects expertise
  • A daily contact for inquiries on claims, enrollment, billing, etc.

Each team has its own support system, including senior-level management, implementation specialists, a wellness team, and subject matter experts from every business area.

Dedicated account management for partners

Your focus is on the future, making smart, strategic decisions, and preparing for the next opportunity. Your dedicated account management team shares the same focus. We provide you with:

  • An executive sponsor for leadership-level relationships and engagement and to help navigate larger issues
  • Relationship management for strategic planning and initiatives and collaboration with vendors to ensure SLAs and metrics are met or exceeded
  • Partner support for TPA-delivered services including claims, enrollment, benefit inquiries, and billing

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