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AmeriHealth Point-of-Service (POS)

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AmeriHealth Point-of-Service (POS) offers all the benefits of our quality HMO, plus the freedom to access any physician or hospital without a referral.

AmeriHealth POS provides the highest level of benefits when care is provided or referred by an AmeriHealth primary care physician (referred care).

With AmeriHealth POS, members also have the option to seek care directly from physicians or hospitals in or outside of the AmeriHealth network. Seeking care directly from any provider increases out-of-pocket costs as deductibles and coinsurance may apply (self-referred care).

AmeriHealth POS 2008 Rates

AmeriHealth POS Plan Features:

  • Members choose a primary care physician from our large network of over 35,000 doctors and more than 250 hospitals.
  • Members obtaining referrals for specialty care receive the maximum benefit level (referred care).
  • Care may be received without a referral, subject to deductibles and coinsurance (self-referred care).
  • Wellness programs, including fitness reimbursement and discounts on alternative health care services, are included at no additional cost.
  • Programs to control and manage chronic conditions are available.
  • Direct Access OB/GYN allows women to receive care from a network OB/GYN without a PCP referral.
  • Excellent NCQA accreditation — AmeriHealth POS has received the highest standard of measurement from the NCQA.
  • Comprehensive benefits for students and travelers out of the area are available.

Additional Information:

Download AmeriHealth POS Benefits at a Glance.

Download AmeriHealth POS Claim Form.

Download Select Drug Program Benefits at a Glance.

Download Vision Benefits at a Glance.

Download Prescription Reimbursement Claim Form.

Download Mail Service Order Form.

To contact a service representative, call 1-866-282-3240.

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