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U.S. Preventive Services Task Force — Preventive Services Selector Tool
This application is offered free from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. The electronic Preventives Services Selector (ePSS) is a quick, hands-on tool designed to help primary care clinicians identify and offer the screening, counseling, and preventive medication services that are appropriate for their patients.

The ePSS is based on the current, evidence-based recommendations of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) and can be searched by specific patient characteristics, such as age, sex, and selected behavioral risk factors.

Note: The ePSS is also available as a downloadable PDA/mobile application for the following devices:

Vaccine Information Statements
Vaccine Information Statements (VISs) are information sheets produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that explain to vaccine recipients, their parents, or their legal representatives both the benefits and risks of a vaccine. Federal law requires that VISs be handed out whenever certain vaccinations are given (before each dose).

CDC’s Flu Bulletin
The National Immunization Program (NIP) of the Centers for Disease Control publishes and distributes a periodic bulletin to provide updates about recent developments related to the production, distribution, and administration of influenza vaccine for the upcoming influenza season. We are happy to provide a link to the CDC’s influenza information and this bulletin.

PhilaVax Immunization Information System
PhilaVax is the City of Philadelphia’s Immunization Information System (IIS). As a provider, you can easily find out from PhilaVax which immunizations a child has already received, and children who are not current on their immunizations can be identified and targeted for outreach.

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool
This computer tool developed by the National Cancer Institute can be used to estimate a woman’s chance of developing breast cancer based on several recognized risk factors.

Immunization Action Coalition (IAC)
The Immunization Action Coalition, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, works to increase immunization rates and prevent disease by creating and distributing educational materials for health professionals and the public that enhance the delivery of safe and effective immunization services. The IAC also facilitates communication about the safety, efficacy, and use of vaccines within the broad immunization community of patients, parents, health care organizations, and government health agencies.

Adult Vaccine Assessment Tool
This tool was developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for patients to evaluate their immunization status. The Adult Vaccine Assessment Tool informs the patient what vaccinations are needed according to their age, gender, and medical conditions.

Shared decision-making aids
The Shared Decision Making National Resource Center promotes and provides shared decision making through evidenced based patient decision aids and techniques.

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