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More than anything else, the ordinary decisions we make every day are the things that most influence our health and well-being — what we eat, how much we move our bodies, how we deal with stress.

With this in mind, AmeriHealth offers members the AmeriHealth Healthy Lifestyles Solutions programs. These reimbursement and discount programs encourage members to make the small lifestyle changes that can lead the way to better long-term health and well-being.

AmeriHealth Healthy Lifestyles Solutions Programs*

Reimbursements — Receive a reimbursement of up to $150 for the cost of a fitness center membership or approved tobacco cessation and weight management programs. For more information, visit

Wellness Guidelines — Learn about nationally recommended steps you can take to help keep yourself healthy and feeling your best.

Baby FootSteps® — Our maternity program is designed to help you be healthy, confident, and comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

AmeriHealth Insider — Get discounts to a wide range of national, regional, and local businesses, attractions, and events.

*AmeriHealth Healthy Lifestyles program availability is dependent upon selected health plan. All programs may not be available to all members. Login

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