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Online Account Management —

Simple. Safe. Secure.

Through, members and groups can safely and conveniently manage their health care coverage online so they can take control of their health care decisions. Registration is quick and simple, and transactions are secure.

For members

As a member of an AmeriHealth insurance plan, you can take control of your health care decisions with personalized tools and health information.

  • Access your specific benefit information.
  • Review claims and get a tax-year report.
  • Download forms.
  • Request materials.
  • Request and print a temporary ID card.
  • Find participating doctors and hospitals who are best equipped to handle your needs
  • Complete an online health assessment
  • Use our new Lifestyle Improvement Programs to help manage your weight, improve your nutrition, start an exercise program, or quit smoking

For groups

A group administrator or business owner offering AmeriHealth health benefits plans can access information about the group’s account.

  • Perform enrollment transactions online, including adding, changing, and terminating members and dependents.
  • View employee eligibility and benefit information.
  • View transaction history.
  • View current and prior invoices.
  • Make payments online.
  • View reports.
  • Download forms.
  • Request ID cards. Login

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