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For more than seven decades, AmeriHealth has built a strong working relationship with you and your patients. Health care reform is changing many aspects of how health care is delivered. What won’t change is our dedication to partnering with you to improve your patients’ health and well-being. You can count on us to provide you with timely and relevant information about any changes to our processes, products, or services that we must make to comply with the new law.

The Health Care Reform law provides additional money to Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), a network of doctors and hospitals that share responsibility for providing care to patients and keeping them well. The ACO will manage all of the health care needs of a minimum of 5,000 Medicare beneficiaries for at least three years.

Over the past few years, the Patient-Centered Medical Home has emerged as a promising approach to delivering better and more cost-effective primary care and as a fundamental component to a successful ACO. Since 2008, AmeriHealth has made a commitment to better primary care through its participation in Pennsylvania’s Chronic Care Initiative, a groundbreaking patient-centered medical home care model. View this short video to learn more about medical homes.