Health Care Reform

Uninsured Individuals

The new law promises to bring millions of uninsured individuals the protection of health coverage. Let AmeriHealth help you understand the measures of health care reform.

Here are some things for you to consider right now

  • Individual and Family Plans: If you’re looking to purchase health insurance for yourself or your family, AmeriHealth offers a variety of plans with affordable rates, as well as plans that guarantee acceptance regardless of whether you or members of your family have .
  • NJ Protect is a new health insurance option for uninsured New Jerseyans with pre-existing medical conditions. For more information on who is eligible and how to apply, click here.

The provisions of the new law don’t happen right away or all at once. In fact, while implementation begins in 2010, several aspects of health care reform unfold during the decade ahead. Here are some things to know if you’re looking to buy health insurance in the future:

  • The law mandates that individuals must purchase insurance or be subject to penalties, beginning in 2014. There will be government available for those who qualify to help individuals and families buy insurance, which will be available through new state-based .
  • State-based health exchanges go into effect in 2014, may make it easier for you to purchase health insurance, as they allow consumers and small businesses to simply and quickly shop for health insurance.
  • Expansion of Medicaid begins in 2014, Medicaid will expand its eligibility for coverage to include persons with income levels at or below 133 percent of the federal poverty level.

See our timeline to learn about how AmeriHealth will implement all the provisions of the law into our plans, now through 2020.

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