Health Care Reform

Insured Individuals and Members

Whether you have insurance on your own or are covered by your employer, the law will still have an effect on your coverage, so it’s a good idea to understand how the law might impact you and your family.

Follow the appropriate link below to learn the changes to dependent coverage, preventive care, preexisting condition exclusions, claims appeal processes, and more.

I have insurance on my own

Provisions of the law that begin this year
If you have purchased your own health insurance, there are several changes to your benefits that will begin this year that you should know about. If you have coverage through AmeriHealth, your plan will be compliant with the health care reform law as of October 1, 2010. This means that your plan will include the following benefits:

Provisions of the law that begin later
Beginning in 2014, other provisions of the law will begin, including a mandate that individuals purchase coverage or pay a penalty. See our timeline to learn about how AmeriHealth will implement all the provisions of the law into our plans, now through 2020.

For more information:

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I have insurance through my employer

Changes to the coverage you receive through your employer will occur on or after your plan year anniversary date, so if your employer renews coverage in January, that’s when your new health care compliant benefits will become effective.

All AmeriHealth plans will comply with the provisions of the new law as they go into effect. This means, for example, that your benefits will include extension of coverage for dependent to age 26 and your coverage cannot be rescinded except in cases of fraud, intentional misrepresentation of material fact, or nonpayment of premium.

Your company’s benefits administrator has a broad portfolio of AmeriHealth products and services from which to select. If you have questions about specific coverage related to health care reform, we advise you to contact your benefits administrator.

See our timeline to learn more about how AmeriHealth will implement all the provisions of the law into our plans, now through 2020 or consult our Frequently Asked Questions.